Roswell Cover UP by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

1 ALIEN INTERVIEW Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by : Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by: Lawrence R. Spencer ( Author of “The Oz Factors” ) 2 Alien Interview Copyright (c) 2008 by Lawrence R. Spencer. All Rights Reserved. Cover and book design by Lawrence R. Spencer Printed in The … Read moreRoswell Cover UP by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

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  1. To listen to the story, I created a computer soundtrack. Listen to it here. and this is an exact copy of the PDF and it can be downloaded here: (I might not have this file uploaded before late night this day of Feb 24, 2018 so just wait for it, it will be there asap!)

    The only edits done is to the pdf filename due to server friendly names I had to change it, but that’s the only change made.
    Possible that youtube will find and delete my video, I dont know but if so then I will upload it here and make a player window for it.

    To clarify something that I see as an error in this document:
    On the statement in this document that states this:
    “Because of the liquid nature of the core, the planet is largely volcanic and subject to earth quakes and volcanic explosions.”

    This was done telepathically so have to count in some errors and also the author have in some cases made self based edits based on his own knowledge and his own logic based on the theory science to day have about earth and suns core. I can guarantee that I am right about the things I write about under here and it will earn a nobel price if they find it as fact later on. With prof in my hand, logged, registered in the Canadian copyright database, no one else than I can claim the right as an autor or scientist on the info I write about down here on sund and planets. It is owned by me.

    To continue with the answer to what is an error, read on!

    I can only say that this is not the case, the planets “core” is not liquid. In 2011 I started to remember visdom related to this, a past life visdom and here is what I know about it:

    The center has a Crystal kind of like stone, but more compressed than ground Crystals, more like a harder than a diamant and has properties of both Crystal and diamond.

    It forms because of compression of carbon and there is a lot of it around during planetary creation.

    This is why suns have a Crystal ball after a supernova, its already there, its not a creation of the supernova it selv, its already there.

    Suns and planets are the same, a planet is a sub-sun and works the same way.

    The difference is just that the heat band produced by the Crystal is bellow the ground (creating lawa) while on the sun the energy levels are so huge that it forces the heat band to go over the ground, heating the sun from the outside and in.

    Both the planets and the suns are cold in the center.

    The crystal or diamond properties crystal has piezo effect just like the ones of crystals found on the surface or caves. This piezo effect is responsible for converting huge amounts of energy to many different otter types of energies, and one of them is electrons, gravitons and so on.

    The huge amount of energy converted creates on earth a Edie current field sort of speak with heat up rocks, etc. under our feets and this become what we reefer to as lava. Lava does not come from center at all, and that is totally illogical btw.

    The heat band it self can depending on the size of the crystal become many millions of degree celsius.

    On the sun this heat band is above the surface and this is why the surface rotates faster than just some hundreds meters down.

    On the sun, the so called sun spots is noting else than incoming energy streams from the magnetic highway. These streams is colder than the surface temp and this is why the spots become darker. These energies comes from otter suns or even in some cases otter planets out there, traveled many light-years and the wave form has changed and the sun can then use this wave form and then reconvert it into otter types of energies, then the sun sends out energy that again by time otter suns will use and reconvert. About 10% of the energies coming from the magnetic highway has a resonance that suits to fit our sun and that’s good because sometimes if it gets to intense it might lead to a supernova.

    And the reason for that the sun has a resting time of about 11 years or so has to do whit the effect of, well lets just take a magnet as an sample: If u heat a neo magnet, its magnetic field will decrease, well that’s what happens to the Crystal in the center, when it gets to hot, it shuts down, not really 100% but enough to that the suns energy transformation will slow down so that it can cool down its Crystal.

    It takes pretty long time for the heat to heat the Crystal (from outside and in, remember the surface temp is just 6000C) in such a way that it become less effective, and when it reach a specific temp the sun rest, its like an automatic protective intelligence.

    The matter between the crystal surface and the sun surface is like a protective substance to protect the suns hearth and its crystal like stone shuts down at about 160 degree Celsius, or at least has slowed down the conversion of light (blue octave) in such a way that it goes into an resting time, when the rest has been going on for a time, until the stone gets down to about 120 degree celsius its starts to come to live again. Typically it will go down to about 60-80 degree Celsius before its super effective again and at this temp the sun is very active on the outside because the conversion of light by the piezo electrical effect is at its greatest then.

    Once again the sun is powerfull and will be so until the heat again heats up the crystal and therefore sun has cycles.

    On the planet there is just the same effect and this is why sometimes we have volcanic activity while some times not.

    On the planet as a compartment when the planets crystal is cold, its the time it converts more energy from the octaves and therefore the heat band is more intense, with means that it produces more lava and gasses in that area where the heat band is. With leads to steam must come out sooner or later. With leads to eruptions.

    I can possible write hours more about this because the knowledge about this field is large and it would occupy my time another 2-3 hours just to get it all out. So I am going to try to be shorter.

    In basic the crystal acts as an implosion engine, sort of speak it sucks energy in an intense high speed.

    This is what creates gravity.

    The huge magnetic spiderweb out there is a net of energy sharing streams who function in such a way that most of the streams is used by a sun, incoming energies used, then converted, then send out and then reused. Its like a closed loop sort of speak.

    Sound waves in mixture with light forms or octaves, resonate the crystal stone in such a way that the piezo electrical effect can every halv sinewave convert blue octaves into electrons, producing at the sun about halv ton electrons every sec.

    The crystal breathe like a humming bird and frequency change from breathe in to breathe out, and this is why the sounds of the planets recorded by NASA has a pitch of going up and down in frequency, it converts in a pulsing movement, with pitch that goes up and down.

    The down fall is when the crystal is ready to convert again, wile on the rising pitch, it start to convert energy, its like a hearth in a way.

    While this is true, the crystal is massive and the conversion prosess happens not evenly trough the crystal and this is the reason for example the sun having eruptions at different places at sometimes same time. The outburst from the stone is not happening at an constant evenly rate. This happens because of magnetic spider way as I call it (magnetic highway as nasa call it) are incoming from many different directions at the same time and the streams is concentrated in diameters up to many times size of earth, cooling the surface to become black. Because magnetic highway is a net of energies surrounding the sun in all directions, this in a natural way make sure that the sun and or planet can breathe and swing and it needs swinging motion, not only for the piezo electrical effect but also for being able to convert energy to many different “states” or simply to many different types of energies like electrons and what not… This conversion make sure that the earth can protect it selv from energies from the sun.

    If the resonances of incoming energy are correctly “aligned” both on the ingoing wave and the outgoing wave, then the whole solar system it self are an harmonic instrument who plays for each otter and in an harmony converts energies to each otter and this “spinn of play” helps a solar system to stay in a vibrational forever state.

    My recommendation is that you or anyone go and listen to the NASA planetary sounds and listen carefully, these sounds is not because of an iron gigant melted core, its because of Piezo electrical effects.

    When the crystal in the center works as it should it will light blue, in pulses of blue bursts.

    This is why also we can observe Jupiter pulse blue light.

    And regards to Jupiter, on Jupiter the heat band is closer to the surface due to its size, and is partly above ground, this is the reason why its called a gass planet while in reality its not, its just that the heat band is a bit bellow ground and a bit over the ground, making gasses out of very varm surface. Making high temp storms in an endless cycle. And to the topp of things when I am on the go typing, if anyone ever wondered why planet Jupiter has an rotating eye, I can tell you the reason for that. The reason is that long back in time there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter and that planet name was Melona. It detonated and I am not going into why as that in it self is a way to long story but it detonated and the pieces to day of that planet is the asteroid belt and this is also why Saturn has dust rings. The central crystal stone of Melona was sucked into Jupiter afterwards, landed on Jupiter, creating a huge blast of eruptions on Jupiter, but it did not crack on the impact and to day it rests just a bit bellow the surface of Jupiter, the stone itself have about same diameter as planet earth and is working but because of the high temp it is very much slowed down, jet its activity creates a vortex just like it did when it was resting inside the planet Melona. And by the way this vortex is what makes out planets spin, its the direct effect of the crystal stones that makes planets spinn. So ok back to the Jupiter eye, the eye is as I said because of the central stone of Melona and nothing else.

    When it comes to Mars, the crystal stone is colored due to past wars, scientist even question if there was nuclear war on Mars in past so the question has been up by science and they are right there was and that is the reason why Mars magnetic field is so weak, the crystal stone has become light green and cant convert so myth light because green interrupts blue octave from converting property.

    Planet earth, our home is about to get its first visible layers of light green on the top layer, this is why the magnetic field on earth is on its way down with an rapid claiming rate, for reference lock the movie “Magnetic Storm”.

    The reason this happens is due to nuclear energy, anti natural matter who binds to O3 with is a free radical, creating a heavy negative loaded plasma, this plasma goes down with the magnetic streams to the crystal stone (“Core”) and coloring it, adding slowly green color to it, this is why Mars is so low on magnetic fields. If nuclear power plants continues to long, earth crystal stone will stop working, possible leading to that the planet will move away from the sun, if its not already happening…

    Ok I given some answers to some small amount of things that most people or
    if not all people on the planet does not have a clue on and I think this is enough for now.

    This info have been published by me more than 10 times in public on Facebook before, haven’t a clue on where the links is to that but I have date stamped this info in private messages over Facebook messenger long back in time and this info is my right to claim as mine as I am the first one ever on internet here on earth to talk about these facts. Anything seen elsvere for this info is just a copy of my knowledge. Any claims from whatever that they know this, then they have read my comments on these facts, copied from me and reposted… I claim therefore this as copyrighted to me and kindly ask for permission to post this info before posting it anywhere else.

    I will register this info/knowledge as my property by the copyright note law from Berne Convention of 1989. Kost me 22000USD more or less but that is ok for me. Why that is important is a long story in it self, but has to do with “fuck you NASA, I know better”, and is to point or render NASA fully idiots later in time when they them self will find out I am right. So therefore pls ask me for permission before spread this info, I dont want NASA to get this info just yet. And besides that if you post my info that later will be registered as my property and without my approval, once the registration has happened you can possibly face jail time or money fines.

    Sound totally stupid this last part for many, yes maybe but I just want to fuck NASA down in the ground and it has a purpose too. Because last time they did discover something, I was also then before them with the info, but that time unfortunately I had to poor evidence because I posted the info on a homepage who is seen by mostly to be a not to serious homepage. But this time I have made preparations with evidence posted in many different places on serious homepages like Facebook or at least strong enough for date stamping it as solid evidence on dates. This time I will win over NASA and have properly with evidence, so once NASA finds out these facts on their own they cant claim it to be their science, then I can claim its my science with has a purpose, not for own ego but for render dem stupid with I need so heavy for a future free energy project. In short I will prevent so called top scientist to can alter my project and call it sudo science, then when I have the grip on them by my prof of science then I can put that in their face that I know what I am talking about with will render them stupid and that will benefit my project.

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